Business & Tax Consulting in Las Vegas

Keeping your business in order can be a tough job on its own, without considering all the jobs you already do. Count on Dennis C. Healey EA to help you keep your business on track with an array of business consulting solutions. Here, you’ll find a range of consulting options, including tax consulting in Las Vegas and business solutions geared towards small businesses in the area. These offerings can help you and your business to succeed from the beginning and keep everything running smoothly.

Common Problems & Solutions:

  • Dealing With Employees
  • Paying Employees
  • Difference Between Employees & Independent Contractors
  • Legalities
  • The Order Of Paying Creditors When Funds Are Limited
  • Sole Proprietorship Vs. S Corporation Vs. LLC, & Other Options

The Solutions You Need

Contact Dennis C. Healey EA today to discuss your business concerns or simply request business consulting. He’ll help with a wide range of business needs, even if you aren’t an existing client. Here, you can get the guidance you need to set up your partnership, LLC, or small corporation. Dennis can also help you set up your small business to get the best tax advantages.