Full-Service Resolution & Tax Preparation in Las Vegas

Whether you need help with preparing your taxes or you’ve found yourself in trouble with the IRS and looking for a way to resolve the issue, Dennis C. Healey EA can help you. He offers a full range of tax services, including resolution and tax preparation in Las Vegas. Dennis empowers you to make the most of your tax situation.

Giving You Options with the IRS

Should you receive a bill from the IRS and realize you simply can’t pay it in full, there are options available to you. Dennis will work with you to secure transcripts from the IRS, find out what you owe and why, and then help you find the best options and most cost-effective solutions.

One option may be an offer to give the IRS less than you owe in one, or several lump sum payments. Tax resolution may also require a short payment plan, giving the IRS the option to accept payments over a period of time, with the sum often being less than you owe. As a final option, bankruptcy could also be an option to eliminate certain taxes.

When you owe a considerable amount to the IRS, there can be quite a bit of paperwork to fill out. While other resolution professionals will simply send you the forms to figure out on your own, Dennis sends you an interactive computer survey which he will go over with you and use to generate the necessary paperwork related to filing taxes that the IRS will require.

Dennis’ resolution services come with split payment plans, so there’s no need for full payment in advance. Call him today or contact the office online for a free consultation to help you determine the options available in your circumstances.

Preparing Your Taxes

In addition to resolution, Dennis also provides fast and accurate preparation solutions for both individuals and businesses. When you want peace of mind about the accuracy of the tax forms you file, he can give you the superior service you require.


Tax Resolution Services: $1500. Does not include back tax returns.

Terms: $500 deposit, $500 when submitted, and $500 upon resolution.

Tax Preparation:

1040 Individual Return $200-500
1065 Partnership / LLC $400
1120 Corporation / S Corp $400

Business return fees do not include bookkeeping services.

About Dennis C. Healey, EA

Dennis C. Healey started his career in accounting in 1985. Today, Dennis C. Healey EA is focused on providing tax assistance, consultations, and other tax services, along with a range of necessary financial and business consulting solutions.

His primary service is resolution and representation for tax issues, but there are a number of tax services available to cover the financial needs of businesses and individuals. Dennis is here to help with your tax preparation and resolution concerns.

Contact Dennis today to handle your tax concerns with superior service. He proudly serves Las Vegas, Nevada, and the surrounding areas.


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