Full-Service Tax Preparation

Whether you need help with preparing your taxes or you’ve found yourself in trouble with the IRS and looking for a way to resolve the issue, I can help you. I offer a full range of tax services, including resolution and tax preparation. I can empower you to make the most of your tax situation.

Individual 1040

If your income is primarily from W2 income, you don’t run a business or have rental properties, you can probably manage on your own with Turbo Tax or there are some free services you can find by going online to IRS.gov.

However, you may want to get help if:

  • You run a business
  • You have rental properties
  • You sold your house or have other capital gains.
  • You’re not clear as to your filing status (married, joint, separate)
  • A variety of issues that make your situation more complicated

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to call me at 702 448-3721 for answers.

Business Taxes

I would recommend you call me for business tax returns. Most of my clients are self-employed earning $100-300k per year. In this area there are several ways to decrease the tax liability such as having your LLC or Corporation taxed as an S Corp. For instance, if you had a net profit of $100K as a sole proprietor you would be liable for about $15,000 in self-employment tax. If you were an LLC being taxed as an S Corp, and paid yourself a reasonable salary, say $40,000 per year, you would have to pay employment taxes on the $40,000, but the other $60,000 would not be subject to self-employment tax, saving you about $9,000. In this case it would be well worth the extra paperwork. Call me and we can discuss it further.


1040 Individual Return $250 +
1065 Partnership / LLC $500 +
1120 Corporation / S Corp $500 +

Business return fees do not include bookkeeping services.

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Dennis C. Healey started his career in accounting in 1985. Today, Dennis C. Healey EA is focused on providing tax assistance, consultations, and other tax services, along with a range of necessary financial and business consulting solutions.

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